Author: Iain

SLS 2021

I will be presenting my a summary of my current work, A Proposed European Regulatory Framework for Smart Devices, at the Society of Legal Scholars annual conference in Durham on 1 September. I will be taking part in the Cyberlaw stream. I hope (vaccine status and travel advisory dependent) to be presenting in person. Slides…

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I will be speaking at the BILETA 2021 Conference in April, discussing a new paper: The Purge: The missing element in the ongoing battle against Botnets Slides are available here.

BotConf 2020

I will be speaking at BotConf 2020 in December. The event is online and can be accessed here: I will be presenting a paper entitled ‘A Proposed Civil Liability Framework for Disrupting Botnets, with a particular focus on Smart Devices’ and closer to the event, I will be making the presentation, slides and paper…

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SLS Conference 2020

I will be speaking at the SLS Conference in September. The event is online, and can be accessed here: I am taking part in the CyberLaw stream and will be speaking on 4 September at 09.15, where I will be presenting my paper “Does Cybersecurity Legislation Make Us Safer Online? An Analysis of the…

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Law Pod

The Law School in Queen’s have an excellent weekly podcast, where academics speak with their colleagues or with PhD students to discuss their current research, life in Queen’s and current events. I recently spoke with Dr. Rachel Killean, the LawPod director about the focus of my research, the decision to start a PhD after quite…

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Cybersecurity in a Post Data Environment

My new working paper is available [Link]. This paper outlines the threats which are posed by the hacking of Smart Devices, and provides a rudimentary methodology to apportion liability to either the manufacturer or the user, where appropriate, following a hack. This is done in a robust manner, from a technologically agnostic perspective, to ensure…

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